Task Description

Razorthink Platform comes with a default storage space called "Project Space" that can be accessed from IDE and custom block code. This enables a new user to try out a few default machine learning use cases without configuring additional data sources.

Roles for performing this task

A user with view access to the project will be able to view and use all files in project space.

A user with edit access can perform other operations like upload and delete also

Task Steps

Upload dataset to project space

Steps to upload train.csv from titanic dataset on Kaggle. Titanic dataset is a binary classification dataset and can be downloaded from here 

  • Log in to Razorthink Platform as a User or Admin. Open the project you want to work on and go to the "Data" page. Click on the data source named "Project Space". All the files and folders in project space are displayed


  • Click on the   icon on top right corner.  Select option "Create Folder" to create a new folder named titanic


  • Enter the folder name as "titanic" and click on "SAVE" button


  • The folder "titanic" gets created.

  • Click on the folder name to open the folder.

  • Click on the  icon  and select option "Upload files".  Drag and drop the file to be uploaded into the dialogue box or click on the "UPLOAD" button and select the file from  the open file dialogue box. Click on "DONE" button

  • The file gets uploaded to the project space

  • Click on the file to preview the file contents.