Task Description

In order to access data present in Apache Hive database from Razorthink Platform, either from custom block code or from Jupyter notebook, one needs to configure the credentials and create a hive datasource as detailed in this guide.

Roles for performing this task

User, Admin

Task Steps

Configure Credentials

  • Log in to Razorthink Platform as a User or Admin. Click the Settings icon  on the bottom left corner.

  • Click on "Data Source Credentials" .  The list of of all configured datasources are displayed. Click on "Add Data Source Credentials" icon

  • The Add New Configuration dialog is displayed.  In the "Configuration Type"  field, select "Custom Hive Creds"  from the dropdown. Give a name to identify the credentials configuration and provide all other details asked for and click on "CREATE" button

  • A new data source credential configuration is created with the given name and can be used to create a datasource

Create  Datasource

  • Open the project in which you want to add the datasource and click on data icon . List of all configured datasources are displayed. Click on "Add Datasource" icon

  • In the "Add New Datasource" dialogue box, select type as HDFS. Enter all other details and click on "ADD" button

  • The datasource gets created and can be accessed from Jupyter notebook and block code