Task Description

Engine monitoring portal allows an admin user to see all the provisioned engines along with their, status, resource usage (memory, GPU and number of cpu cores) and details of all pipelines running on the engine.

Role for performing this task

Admin only

Task Steps

  • Log in to Razorthink Platform as an Admin, and click Settings icon on lower left corner

The Settings page is displayed.

  • Click "Usage"  under the "Engines" option on the left panel. List of all provisioned engines along with their resource usage, number of pipelines and number of blocks currently running are displayed

  • To see further details for a particular engine click on the engine. The page opens with the "MACHINES" tab selected by default. This tab displays the list of all machines in the engine along with their  resource usage and number of pipelines and blocks currently running on each machine


  • Click on the "PIPELINES" tab to see the the list of all pipelines executed on the engine, along with the resource( CPU cores, RAM and GPU ) utilisation for each pipeline run

  • One can drill down further into block level information by clicking a pipeline