1. To give you even more control of your pipeline and freedom in pipeline builder, we have new features like:

  • On top of having predefined blocks at your disposal to perform several operations, now you can publish your own block using our SDK from your Jupyter notebook and have that block in your pipeline either at your organization or project level.
  • You can now add/edit/delete pipeline variables in variables dropdown.
  • You can choose multiple optimizers in DL train blocks with properties like learning rate and decay for each of your model runner blocks.
  • In pipeline runs, you can now do a group-by operation on factors like pipeline name, status, and source, to organize your pipeline runs and get more insights of the pipeline runs.
  • We have added a DL persist block to persist the training result of each split, you can find this block under "DL Model Runners" in the pipeline.

2. Even our DL model visualizer has become more robust with new features like:

  • You now have the flexibility to group your components/layers in a DL model visualizer, to keep your model neat and more organized, you can go inside any component group just by double-clicking it.
  • Now you can go beyond using predefined blocks in DL model visualizer and create your own TensorFlow component using our SDK from your Jupyter notebook.

3. We have also got two new API's for you to use in your Jupyter notebook:

  • An engine monitoring API to get your engine usage right in your workspace to help you utilize it more efficiently.
  • pipeline monitoring API to keep a close watch on what is happening in your pipeline.

4. Our Datasource is even more organized and efficient now.

  • You can search, sort, copy, move, delete files and folders in your HDFS datasource and project space.
  • You can move your file from one folder to another in the datasource.
  • You can also update your credentials with new ones without any hassle.

5. On top above features, we have also tried to make governance even easier for you with features like:

  • You can check your billing status under “Administration” on the bottom left panel at RZT aiOS platform.