Task Description

As an Razorthink Platform User or Admin,  you want to use Kerberos authentication to connect to a data source.

Roles for performing this task

User, Admin

Task Steps

Configure Credentials

  • Log in to Razorthink Platform as a User or Admin. Click the Settings icon on the bottom left corner.

  • Click on "Data Source Credentials" .  The list of of all configured datasources are displayed. Click on "Add Data Source Credentials" icon

  • The Add New Configuration dialog is displayed. In the "Configuration Type"  field, select "Kerberos"  from the dropdown. Give a name to identify the credentials configuration. Upload Keytab and config file. Provide other details asked for and click on "CREATE" button

  • A new data source credential configuration is created with the given name and can be used to create a datasource

Create  HDFS Datasource

  • Open the project in which you want to add the datasource and click on data icon . List of all configured datasources are displayed. Click on "Add Datasource" icon

  • In the "Add New Datasource" dialogue box, select type as HDFS. Enter all other details and click on "ADD" button

  • The datasource gets created and can be accessed from Jupyter notebook and block code