Task Description

As an RZT aiOS User or Admin, you can configure multiple data source connections such as AWS S3 and HDFS. These preconfigured data sources can be accessed from a Jupyter notebook, pipelines and blocks, and the DL model designer.

Use this procedure to use Kerberos authentication for the new data source connection.

Roles for performing this task

User, Admin

Task Steps

  • Log in to RZT aiOS as a User or Admin. Click the Settings icon  .

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  • Click Data Source Credentials to display the Data Source Credentials dialog. Click the plus icon  and select Add New Configuration.

  • The Add New Configuration dialog is displayed. In the Type field, select Kerberos Authentication from the dropdown and click Create.

  • In the appropriate fields, enter a name for identifying the connection, the username, and the principal pattern. Specify the keytab file and the config file for upload. Click Create.

  • The new data source is created.