Task Description

As an RZT aiOS User or Admin, you can create a pipeline in RZT aiOS. This procedure describes how to create a pipeline.

Pipeline represents a use case or problem which you’re solving on RZT aiOS, pipeline breakdown to blocks, it can be either your own custom block or blocks provided RZT aiOS.

Roles for performing this task

User, Admin

Task Steps


  • Log in to RZT aiOS as a User or Admin. Go inside your projects, find the pipeline option on the left panel.

  • Click the  icon, right-hand side of the window, to create a new pipeline.


  • Now that you have created a pipeline, you can add your blocks and create an active pipeline. 


  • Once you have created your pipeline, you can run it clicking on the play button on top right corner after selecting the engine you want to run it on.