Task Description

Use this procedure to invite any individual to become a system user for your RazorThink Platform. When a person is a system user, you can then assign them a role such as a User or Admin.  These (and other) roles let the system user perform specific tasks.

A system user who does not have a role assigned can log in to RazorThink Platform and view existing RZT Platform information, but cannot add or change information.

Role for performing this task

Admin only


Task Steps

  • Log in to RZT Platform as an Admin and click "Settings" icon on lower left corner

  • Settings page is displayed with the "Users & Groups" option selected by default. Click on the "Add Users or Groups" icon

  • The "Invite New User" dialog is displayed

  • Type the first name, last name, and email address of the individual you are inviting, and click Invite. An email is sent to the individual with a system-generated password.

The individual can use his or her email address and the system-generated password to log in the first time and will be required to specify a new password on the first login.