Note: This functionality is only applicable for Tenant Admin(s)


The tenant admin after creating a role, needs to add APIs to the role. This will enable the user designated to the respective role, has access to the APIs associated to the role.

Associate APIs to the role

Please follow the below steps to associate APIs to a role.

  • Go to Settings > Roles & API Permissions.

  • Go to the custom role you have created, and click on Permissions. This will list out all the modules and their corresponding APIs.

Note: Never use the "Select all" option. This will associate all the platform APIs to the role. Then such role will be same as Admin role, and users associated to that role will be pseudo-admins.

  • You can expand each module and select the corresponding APIs. Or, you can select the entire module itself which will associate all its underlying APIs to the role.

Note: You can expand or collapse all the module trees with the "Expand/Collapse All" option.

Note: If you want to de-select the APIs you have selected for the module(s), then click on "Invert Selection" button. This will revert all your actions with respect to the role.