The document provides step by step implementation of the GPG encryption of the docker compose files for all the modules of the RZT AI Platform. This document has dual purpose. Firstly, it provides user information on how to encrypt the files. Secondly, it serves as an evidence for the encryption we did in the Axis Bank servers.

GPG Encryption Steps

Step-1: Take a backup of the compose files.

Step-2: Convert the directory where the docker-compose.yaml is present, into a tar file.

Step-3: Run the following command gpg -c <tar file name>.tar

Step-4: Enter the passphrase of your choice the password prompt appears.

Step-5: You will see a “.gpg” file with encryption saved in the working directory.

Step-6: Delete the original .tar file since we no longer need it.

Step-7: To decrypt the file, run the following command gpg <encrypted file name>.gpg and enter your passphrase.

Step-8: You will see the original tar file again. Unzip the tar file, and view docker-compose files.