Task Description

A user group is a collection of one or more system users who belong to a specific line of business or business unit. A user group lets you provide access to a specific engine (execution environment) for everyone assigned to the group.

You can achieve resource caging and production environment compliance using the functionality of user groups.


Role for this performing this task

Admin only


Task Steps

  • Log in to RazorThink Platform as an Admin, and click Settings (lower left corner).

The Settings dialog is displayed.

  • Click Users and Groups, and then the Groups tab. A list of existing groups is displayed, with group information.

  • Click Create New.  The Create New Group dialog is displayed.

  • In the Group Name field, specify a group name (spaces and special characters are allowed; 60 characters maximum), and in the Users field, click the dropdown and select one or more names from the user list.
  • Click Create. The group is created, and the users you selected are added to the group.