Task Description

As an Admin, you have invited individuals to become system users of your RZT aiOS, and you may have given some of the roles such as User or Admin. Use this procedure to disable any system user so that the individual can’t log in to RZT aiOS.

Role for performing this task

Admin only


Task Steps

  • Log in to RZT aiOS as an Admin, and click Settings (lower left corner).

The Settings dialog is displayed.

  • Click Users and Groups, and then Users. A list of all system users (including Users, Admins, any other defined roles, and system users with no role assigned) is displayed, as shown above.
  • Locate the system user you want to disable. You can type the system user’s name in the Search box and click Enter to locate. The specified system user is displayed.
  • Click the Enabled toggle button to the Off position. The system user is disabled.

A disabled system user cannot log in to RZT aiOS, but remains in the “Users” list. You can re-enable any individual by moving the Enabled toggle button to the On position.