Task Description

Use this procedure to invite any individual to become a system user for your RZT aiOS. When a person is a system user, you can then assign them a role such as a User or Admin.  These (and other) roles let the system user perform specific tasks.

A system user who does not have a role assigned can log in to RZT aiOS and view existing RZT aiOS information, but cannot add or change information.

Role for performing this task

Admin only


Task Steps

  • Log in to RZT aiOS as an Admin, and click "Settings"  icon  on lower left corner

  • Settings page is displayed with "Users & Groups" option selected by default. Click on the icon "Add Users or Groups"

  • The "Invite New User" dialog is displayed

  • Type the first name, last name, and email address of the individual you are inviting. Select the role from the dropdown and click "INVITE" button. An email is sent to the individual with a system-generated password.

The individual can use his or her email address and the system-generated password to log in the first time and will be required to specify a new password on the first login.